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The Lightning Network is the future of payments on the internet. River Lightning Services (RLS) is the fastest, simplest API for enabling Bitcoin Lightning Network deposits and withdrawals in your product without running any Lightning infrastructure yourself. RLS is built by developers for developers.
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What is Lightning?

To learn more about the Lightning Network and how it works, read our recent Lightning Network research report.
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We do the hard work for you

Built on River's battle-tested Lightning infrastructure, we abstract away all node, channel, and liquidity management so that you can focus on sending and receiving LN payments via our simple API.
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Unlock the Full Potential of Bitcoin with Lightning

With the RLS API your business can build the next generation of Bitcoin products and services.

Cheaper & Faster Deposits & Withdraws

Allow your users to move Bitcoin faster – with lower fees.
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Support Microtransactions

Make small Bitcoin transactions economically feasible.
Save Money

Protect Against Fee Volatility

Mempool congested? Lightning transactions are not affected.

Reliable, Secure and Fast-moving

Our team is hyper-focused on creating the best Bitcoin & Lightning experience for you

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